Moselle locksmith

Our Moselle locksmith ensures your urgent installations and repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Also know that it will be deployed to your home in 30 minutes in critical situations. Moreover, the latter is always equipped with the appropriate tools. And he has strong skills to bring you a lasting solution. Whether it is a slammed door or a locked armored door, our professionals will come to the end of it! There is no doubt that our quality interventions will seduce you!

COMMERCIAL NAME: Les Compagnons Dépanneurs
SPECIALTIES: Locksmith, Glazing, Plumbing, Heating
ADDRESS: 67 rue des Allemands, 57000 Metz
INTERVENTION: throughout the Moselle department (57)
TELEPHONE: 03 87 65 31 81
EMERGENCIES: 06 70 23 97 45 24h / 24 and 7/7

Agency hours :

Monday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – breakdown service 24 hours a day
Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – breakdown service 24 hours a day
Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – breakdown service 24/24
Thursday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – breakdown service 24/24
Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. – breakdown service 24 hours a day
Saturday – 24 hour troubleshooting
Sunday – 24 hour troubleshooting [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

Dépannage 7j/7 24h/24
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Door opening from 65 € (HT)

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Your Moselle locksmith 24/7 on
03 87 65 31 81

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[vssc_column css =  » .vc_custom_1559210263425 {margin-top: 30px! important;} « ] Les Compagnons Dépanneurs, located 67 rue des Allemands, 57000 METZ, are at your disposal 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for any locksmith problem but also plumbing or glazing . Intervening throughout the Moselle department (57), you can call 03 87 65 31 81 if necessary   or 06 70 23 97 45 if it is an emergency.

Metz locksmith price

Your Moselle locksmith performs your repairs at low prices

Please note that our Moselle locksmith is fully authorized to work on all brands of locks. So, whatever your problem, it can find a solution for you. Our interventions concern both simple doors and high security doors. We are also able to perform lock replacements if necessary. In this case, we can guide you in your choices, upstream of any installation. It is with great pleasure that we will answer all your questions and needs, 24 hours a day. Of course, we provide you with lasting repairs. In addition, our prices are low!






Moselle door opening

Our Moselle locksmith is in great demand to open doors. We are aware that this type of inconvenience gives you anguish and fear. It is therefore to avoid this that our Moselle locksmith intervenes within 30 minutes of your call. If necessary, he will come to your home with the appropriate equipment and immediately open the door. We would like to point out that our locksmith will do everything possible to open your door. He will take the time and the necessary measures for you to be able to return to your home. You can contact him 24/7.

Door slammed open

There are several reasons that can lead you to what is called a slammed door. For example, a draft may have slammed your door. Forgetting your keys inside your home can also be the cause. If you are in one of these two cases, contact our Moselle locksmith. This situation being an emergency, the latter will be on site in 30 minutes. This type of door opening is generally easy: our technician will use a radio or a TFG. In 80% of the time, our professional will not damage your door.

If you find yourself faced with a knocked door or other situation requiring a door opening, contact us. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day.

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Locked door opening

You may find yourself facing a locked door that cannot be opened by conventional means. This can happen for several reasons, including if your lock is damaged or if you have lost your keys. Without frightening you, you should know that this scenario is more delicate than the previous one. Therefore, a radio or a TFG will not work. It will then be necessary to drill the lock mechanism or the lock itself. You should also know that this intervention will be more expensive than opening a slammed door. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the intervention. Nevertheless, be quiet! Even in the most complicated situation, our Moselle locksmith will solve the problem. He will find the solution to open your door. As a reminder,

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Armored door opening

You are well aware that opening an armored door is a challenge. Indeed, if a burglar will have difficulty opening it, it will be the same for a professional locksmith. Be assured, however, that whatever the security level of the lock: A2P 1 star, A2P 2 stars, A2P 3 stars, our Moselle locksmith will manage to open your door. This one will mobilize its best tools and will arm itself with patience to allow you to return in your accommodation.

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Changing and installing a lock in Moselle

If you want to change or install a lock, you can trust Compagnons Dépanneurs. Note that these procedures are not that simple as they appear. That being said, we firstly want to guarantee you quality and sustainable interventions. For this, you can count on our Moselle locksmith. You will see that with each of his interventions, he uses his skills and never backs down, even in the face of complex situations. Second, we want to guide you in your choice of lock, security level or brand.

The different types of lock available to you

You are well aware that there are different types of locks. In this context, since the lock is the element that secures your home, it should be chosen wisely. To support you in this choice, you can always count on our Moselle locksmith. In this case, when making your choice, you must take into account the following elements:

  • The type of lock
  • The locking system
  • The level of security
  • The rules in force (if condominium housing)

But the most important thing is your budget. Before contacting our expert, it is best that you have set a budget. In this way, our professional will be able to refer you directly by taking this crucial variable into account.

Surface mounted lock

Did you know that the surface-mounted lock has many advantages! First, it can be applied to a wide variety of doors (garage door, shed and others). Second, it is easy to install. Third, it ensures a satisfactory level of security. However, it also comes with negative points. For example, its aesthetics are not as beautiful as that of other types of locks. This is due to the visibility of its metal casing. However, if you wish to install this type of lock, contact our Moselle locksmith.

Faired lock

Do you want to install a lock that has roughly the same features as a surface mounted lock? The faired lock is made for you! However, it differs in its more flattering aesthetic. In addition, it provides a better level of security. It is equipped with a cover enclosing the linkage. Like any lock, it also has its drawback. It is strongly recommended not to put this type of lock on a door that is too thin because it would not be compatible. If you have a question concerning the faired lock, our Moselle locksmith will guide you as best as possible.

Mortise lock

If you want to have a discreet lock, the mortise lock will be perfect! Indeed, the latter is placed inside the door. As a result, the beauty of your door will not be altered. In addition, it will increase the level of security in your home. However, you will know that it is necessary to drill your door to install it. Therefore, we recommend that you do not install such a lock on a wooden door. If you try it, your door could be weakened. It is to avoid this type of error that we advise you to trust our Moselle locksmith.

Electric lock

The electric lock will suit you if you want to get rid of your keys. These have been replaced by several possibilities. This includes in particular the digital code, the smart card, the special box or the code card.

Rest assured that this type of device will save you a lot of time. That being said, have you noticed that this type of lock is developing more and more among individuals? Even if this type of device is basically reserved for hotels, you can easily install it in your home. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Moselle locksmith.

Different levels of security at different costs

The single point lock

If you are interested in a single point lock, you can rely on the solid experience of our Moselle locksmith.

Moreover, it is very likely that the latter does not recommend this type of lock. Indeed, it has many drawbacks. Its security is relatively low. And you won’t be able to rely on your insurance in the event of a burglary. Insurance companies have effectively taken this position because this lock does not offer good security to your home.

The multi-point lock

Unlike the single-point lock, the multi-point lock offers more security. In addition, in the event of a burglary, you will be covered by your home insurance. Note that this type of lock has up to 7 locking points. Contact our Moselle locksmith if you have any questions.

The A2P certified lock 

There are 3 levels of A2P locks:

  • A2P 1 stars
  • A2P 2 stars
  • A2P 3 stars

Note that these locks are certified by the CNPP, an independent body. It is therefore the latter, which tests the security level of each lock before any certification. In this context, our Moselle locksmith advises you to install this type of lock if you live in a neighborhood where crime is high.

Special request

For your information, please note that our Moselle locksmith also responds to special requests such as letterbox installations. If you need our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Frequently asked questions in locksmithing

How to find a reliable locksmith in Moselle?

To hire a good locksmith in Moselle, you should rely on Google reviews. In this case, only call companies with a minimum rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

How much does the intervention of a locksmith expert cost?

It is difficult to answer this question with precision since opening a slammed door generally costs less than € 100 including tax, while opening a locked armored door costs much more. For any request, it is therefore best to rely on a quote.

How to get a quote from a locksmith company?

Before any intervention, a locksmith must provide you with a written estimate. Most of the time, the professional must travel to estimate the amount of the service requested. Anyway, contact our company without hesitation!

How to protect yourself  from locksmith scams?

Locksmith scams sometimes make headlines in the press. To avoid this kind of hassle, only call on companies with a positive reputation on the internet. Also ask for a quote before intervention. And carefully analyze this document before committing.

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